Managed Care


You've used "Managed Care" plans (HMO & PPO) for years to help control your group health insurance costs. Now we can set up that same network for you to use with your Workers Compensation claims.

  • Get optimal fee discounts in network
  • Network panel of physicians
  • Company nurse as a case manager
  • Modified Duty/Early Return to Work Program
  • Loss Control Engineering

Studies show that using Managed Care, companies can reduce Workers Compensation medical claims by up to 40%.  Using a "network approved" panel of physicians, you control your employees choice of physicians, helping to eliminate the use of "workers comp" doctors.  We can help you set up a company nurse program to monitor and direct your injured employee to the best possible care. Modified Duty programs help you eliminate costly fraud and faked injuries.  Effective loss control engineering will help prevent future accidents. We are anxious to help you add to your bottom line by reducing workers comp costs.

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