CIC makes a real difference to the bottom line:

Rodney, CEO/Owner, Virginia Mfg. company says
"Since 1989 we have saved at least $100,000 a year by using CIC's self funding programs."



Hospital Claim Audits

Are you certain that the claims you pay are really for services your employees received? In our regular monthly claim review we discovered an unusual procedure code in a Northern Virginia. hospital bill.  The code was for breast implants. The patient/employee was a 25 year old male who had serious head injuries from a vehicle accident. We called the hospital, did a 30 minute audit, and saved our client over $12,000 in services that were not performed on that employee.


Harrisonburg Trucking Executive says
"Very good at fixings problems.  I don't have to worry when Bob Johnson is working on a problem.

Wes, VP of Mfg tells us:

"Best agents we have ever used"



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